real quick question, when doing the intonation on my guitar is it better to auctly fret the twelth fret, or do i play the harmonic, which is more accurate, thanks
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Playing the harmonic won't help you set the intonation unless you're using that to compare to the fretted note.
Im not positive on this but as long as the string is in tune the harmonic should always be intonated properly. I believe thats why you compare the 12th harmonic to the fretted 12th to find if your intonated correctly.
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Yep, you can do it two ways

1) Fret the open string, check it's tuning, get it right, then fret the 12th fret and check the tuning. Adjust the intonation to fix it. Repeat


2) The 12th fret harmonic should match the 12th note fretted. Tune up, hit the 12th note harmonic and then fret the 12th fret and adjust. Repeat.

I've had success either way.
The harmonic is the end all as far as intonation goes, but checking the fretted note afterwards doesn't hurt. You always, however, go by the harmonic and not the fretted note becuase depening on fret size, string action, and finger pressure, the note will change from person to person. Harmonics are the same if it's in tune regardless of who plays it, which is why it's the standard for intonation.
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