I'm currently working on building a guitar for the first time, and I have 2 Humbuckers, An Air Norton in the neck, and a Dimebucker in the bridge.

What i want to do is, because I don't want, or feel like i need both on at the same time, I was suggested by a guitar tech that I have 1 volume control, and 1 tone push/pull control which would control which pickup would be used. The problem i have is that I cant find any schematics for this anywhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Just get a standard diagram and adapt it to a push-pull.

Sure, it requires you to THINK, but that won't hurt you. I do it all the time (adapt diagrams, that is).

(not meaning to sound like a douche)
Ok, thanks. I've just never done any guitar electronics work before, so I'm still learning.
sarcasm is greatly appreciated
Your guitar, but I'd definitely go with switch, even it it still means you can just use one pickup at a time. Have you played a guitar with push-pulls? They are difficult to use quickly.
No, I have never used a push/pull before, and like I said, it was just a suggestion, I haven't decided, nor have I routed anything out yet. I'll check out some guitars with a push/pull system, and see how I like it, then decide from there.

Thanks for the help.
If you can find one to try, it'll help you know whether you like it or not. The big benefit to a push/pull pot is that it takes up less space. This is primarily useful if you are installing it in an existing guitar and don't want to drill additional holes. But if you are designing your own guitar, you can use whatever switches you like.
you ever thought of just wiring it up like it normally should be and just never put it in the middle position. I never use my pickups together (same, 2 HB 3 way setup). but wire it up so you've still got that option. you'll find the wiring diagrams for that and if you ever do decide to use that position you don't have to rewire the guitar. imo
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