I'm trying to get from the transition of player to musician, i've had nearly 3 years experience on bass and alot of this is learning songs through tab, scale work, basic theory, and little composition. Now i really want to focus on composition, but i can't seem to make any progress, i've been setting up chord progressions w/ keyboard and playing over them, but can't seem to get anything 'memorable', any suggestions?
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follow a pattern you see. for example, the song I Will Possess Your Heart uses a transition from C to D along with notes of the exact same length and all other notes being higher. so to get that same effect, try to copy it. ex:

not my best work, but you get the idea. that would be for making a memorable groove- only you know what kind of grooves you like right now. so analyze a bassline you enjoy and copy it. once you can do that, you can start trying to blend basslines together, by using aspects of different basslines.
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remember: bad artists borrow, good artists steal.
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remember: bad artists borrow, good artists steal.

I always thought it was "Good artists borrow, Great artists steal."

In any case... As said above, BLEND.

I've found that the best thing any musician can do for themselves is to think of something difficult technically (It does NOT have to sound good)...

Find the perfect technique for such a piece of music...


(ie. Super fast popping, or learning very strange rhythms, or having great independence in each finger, BLAH BLAH BLAH)...


Take a cool groove, and play it using your own ****ed up techniques... to create something incredible...

This learning/playing/development style has single handedly (along with theory) made me the guitarist/bassist I am today.
jam with a drummer or a guitarist. you can sit at home all day and write by yourself with no results that please you. personally i come up with better basslines and better music when i write with other people cuz it brings in all of our influences
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