Basically after playing around with a fake EQ pedal on my line 6 UX2, thought I'd like to experiment with one to on my full rig to see what sound i can get from it. So I'm looking for any old eq pedal, the type with the sliders, maybe 6 band minimum but any offers. Sometihng nice and cheap to try before i go buy a big tastey MXR.

If you have something semi decent would still consider at right price. Live in the UK and open to offers.

honestly you can by a dano fish n chips for 30 dollars to mess with, i think that'll be cheaper then anything you'll get online

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Honestly, I'd just go ahead and buy a used MXR 6 band than mess around with a Dano. My 6 band MXR is possibly the only piece of gear I haven't considered trading or selling for something else.
I want to get an MXR 6 band, was bidding on one on ebay that went for £50 anyways so outta my price range. Just want to fool around with one first, the music shop i work in have just sold theirs out so cant go try one with my gear. Even the Behringer ones are sold out there!
I've got a Boss GE7 for like 55?
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Too pricey for me cheers. Want something on the real cheap, but thanks anyway
I've got a DOD FX40B EQ. Will sell for 30 +shipping? Maybe though. I'll play with it tomorrow and let you know.
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I've got a DOD FX40B EQ. Will sell for 30 +shipping? Maybe though. I'll play with it tomorrow and let you know.

foolontheplanet i sent you a pm.
Dont know if mmjohn's got it. If he has first come first serve, good on 'im. But are DOD any good? I know very much a personal choice with pedals but compared to the big boys, boss, mxr etc?
I've owned a few DOD pedals. My experience is that they are inexpensive and solid. The sound sometimes leaves a bit to be desired. That said, I'm fairly certain Tom Morello uses the FX40B. He uses it as a pure volume boost, rather than tweaking individual frequencies. The only real problem I've heard are the plastic foot switches on some models.
Well that explains that. See i dont mind about build quality because i'm only after one to mess around with, wont be jumping on it like my other pedals. Just to give a price roughly, am looking for no more than £15 inc shipping. Anything nice and cheap, behringer? Danelectro? Cheaper??? But that kinda thing. If anyone has something like that out there give me a buzz cheers