Hi everyone. I have been taking lessons for exactly three months now. My teacher just moved and I am starting to work with a new teacher in two weeks. I feel like I have fallen into a rut. I am good at warm up exercises, basic chords and basic scales (major and minor) I can play the scales if I am looking at them, but don't have them memorized. As well, I have only memorized the notes on the low E string. I feel like I should be further along and I am wondering what I do next. I am feeling stagnant and want to get better. I practice for about two hours a day. Help me with my practice routine and tell me how to practice the most efficiently. I am most interested in playing stuff like Creed, Disturbed, etc, etc.
Leran some songs from those bands, then. Also, you don't have to know every note on every string. Know what each string is, and know which notes do/don't have sharps or flats. Know that well enough, and you'll be able to determine notes quickly instead of memorizing them.

But other than that, learn songs from bands you like.
Look on the bright side, if you know the low E string, you know the high e string!!

Also, your teacher should be able to help you with this. If he isn't find another new one!
Do NOT look behind you.
just play power chord songs until you are comfortable
knowing the notes on the strings shouldnt be priority.
should learn technique first imo