Ok. so there has to be at least one person that can help me with this who is computer savvy so anyway i want to put a second hard drive on my computer for my self to use apart from the one my family uses because it has been filled up with usless junk making it really slow, so therefore a second hard drive seperate from theres. now heres my question, i know that you can switch the hard drives by turning off the computer and switching the master and slave cords and the other cords but is there an easier way to do that so i dont have to turn of the computer and switch the cords everytime??
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Buy an external harddrive? its a lot easier and will plug into your computer via usb or firewire

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You can buy an external USB connected hard drive, that is my recommendation. To go any farther would require us to know what kind or hard drive you have now (IDE ot SATA hard drive connects). Also you wouldn't want to just switch (if you had two internal hard drives) between master and slave willy nilly because whichever has the OS system needs to be the boot drive and you need to know how to configure that, so I think for you it would be just easier to get an external.
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If you're dead set on getting a separate internal drive, wait for the weekly ads to come out and go by the biggest one you can. Plug it in (surely you can figure out how to do that) and make sure you have the jumper configured for slave. You can either a) configure both drives with a separate OS and just boot for whichever one you want or b) just put your files on the hard drive.
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