just went to an auction preview to look at stuff, and i saw this gibson s-1 that looked pretty cool. i looked up the serial number when i got back home and it says it's from 1977. how much is this thing worth, and how much should i be paying for it at the auction? i'm interested even if it's not a rare guitar or anything, because the neck's in perfect condition and this thing feels great.

here's what it looks like. it's in pretty good condiiton, just got some basic scuff marks and stuff from being used.

Dont know what its worth, looks nice!
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yea, i dig the three single coils. i just hope i'm the only one at the auction who's really interested so i can get it for a good price.
Now that would probably be worth........ 4000$ (estimate). Maybe more...

No idea what you should pay at auction.
eh, i looked up some ebay sales and the ones they were selling were like $600 tops. I don't think it's worth a grand even, but i hope some crazy gibson fanatic or collector doesn't go crazy and HAVE to have the guitar, thus driving the price much higher than it should be.