Just got Logic Express, using a Korg Wavestation for those interested.
New songwriter here, old poet.


The lyrics are:

This sounds fake and almost cliche, but it's true.
I received a blowjob,
with a messy facial ending,
in the pouring rain,
in the parking lot of a Catholic church,
from a Catholic woman,
who was married to someone else,
on my own wedding anniversary.

A naked girl dances in a beautiful white shroud
Now they are kissing their daddy
And young
As through through a spyglass
And a square picture of the mountain
She gives the camera the finger
Too old not to smile
Locking her finger with the pie in it
Trying to walk
Flopping on the grass
But not pitifully
And her mother in white
Then rowing
Moving into sepia in orange lifejackets
And orange hoodies
Playing with fall leaves
Dancing in the middle of the picture.

I was inspired to write this watching my friend's old home videos, from when he was young. Some parts we saw only in slow motion. It was almost too perfectly authentic to be real, if that makes any sense. I tried to emulate the otherworldliness of what I saw.

Tell me what you think.