what kind of pedal do the white stripes use in the song seven nation army?
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You should check out Electro-harmonix pedals. They pretty much have every pedal he uses
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A Whammy or a POG could get you the bass sound. He uses a slide for the actual guitar parts, like the chorus riff and the solo. He also probably uses a boost in the solo, but idk what he uses.
Jack White is using a Hollow Body Kay with just a neck pickup tuned to open A with a slide (at least the three times I've seen him live). He runs it though an MXR Micro Amp (Boost Pedal) into an EHX Big Muff Pi (Fuzz Pedal) into the Digitech Whammy on the Octave Up/Octave Down Harmonist setting (Pedal are in that order--the fuzz need to be pushed and the whammy doesn't sound right without the fuzz before it).....have fun enjoy!