I was screwing around with a chord namer thing on the inter net and i had (2133xx) put it to give me a F# Major 7. I had guessed that before so i was feeling pretty good. then just for the hell of it, i put in (2133x[21]) i use brackets there so it doesn't look like a seven string. anyway, it gave me the same answer, F# Major 7. so I'm wondering why adding that what i believe to be minor 6th didn't have any effect on the name? shouldn't there be something about the 6 in the chord name? or even something else... it is 4 octaves higher i guess, and i know you'd never be able to play it, but just for the sake of clearing it up.
Correct me if I misunderstood your notation, but you just added a C#, which would be the fifth of F#major, and F, which would be the seventh. So, no sixth?

EDIT: Wow, I really didn't get it . Turned out well enough anyway, didn't it?
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I am pretty sure he meant the 21st fret on the high E string, which is a Csharp, the fifth of Fsharp. This is why it didn't change the chord name.
oh wow, yeah, thats it. i feel like an idiot for saying this, but for some reason i was looking at the 22 fret, so thats where i was getting the D from. thanks for the help.