I have been playing a gibson epiphone for 4 years and that's basically the only guitar i have ever played. i recently bought a jackson performer ps-4 and it has a floyd rose bridge, which i know nothing about. i took the time to read how to set up a floyd rose and i am understanding it a lot better. i just restrung it and when it came time to set the intonation, it was a real pain... loosening each string and moving the saddle nut, rechecking intonation, etc was taking forever and i gave up, and bought that intonation tool people kept suggesting to buy(also called "the key").

from what i understand there are 3 kinds of intonation tools you can buy, and if i remember right 2 of them were for an ibanez w/ floyd rose, the other (the one i bought) was for all other floyd rose. anyways, i cannot figure out how the hell to use this thing! by looking at my pics below, can someone point me in the right direction?

I have no clue myself, but did you check youtube?
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