Hey everyone,

So I posted my music on here a while ago, but I've got a few new recordings.

You can listen to some of the "studio" stuff here: www.purevolume.com/5point

No Complaints is our newest song, the vocals need to be turned up in it but give it a listen anyway.

The other thing I have is a recording of a show we did a while back, Take a listen and let me know what you think, http://www.archive.org/details/5pointLiveEarthday2008AtVillanovaUniversity

To download the whole show in MP3 select the 4th option down under "Whole Items", called VBR ZIP.

Also, a video of the first song from that show: www.youtube.com/5pointmusic

Thanks for listening, please leave feedback, and if you like what you hear, please please share it with your friends. Download the music off purevolume or the live show and burn it for anyone you think would enjoy it.
dude that sounds awesome. the singing sounds so good, kinda like dave matthews band in a way
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Quote by cjb2293
hey man, it sounds pretty good. I enjoyed your stuff a lot. I agree with ozzy102691, i can see a big dave matthews band influence.

do you guys have a myspace page?

Hey thanks a lot, yea we've got a bit of a dave influence. The singer is very into Jason Mraz if you know him, and we also pull a lot from Dispatch.

Our myspace is: www.myspace.com/5pointrock

If you do the whole myspace thing, there you go, were also on facebook if that's what you're into, band.to/5point

Thanks for listenin, keep the comments coming and definitely download the stuff and share it with whoever.