I've been looking for a mild, warm, "happy" sounding overdrive pedal for certain types of music and have tried a bunch of different pedals. The Fulltone OCD & Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive are close. I was tempted to buy one or the other but the price was making me hesitate and think a bit longer. A few days ago I picked up a used Rocktron Austin Gold for $26 on Ebay. This is the one.

It sounds great, no noise added to the signal, and the Pre-Bass knob makes it versatile. It sounds right on both my Peavey Classic 20 and the bigger Hartke hybrid amp. I think it sounds a lot like a Sparkle Drive but with more drive on tap and the versatility of the Pre-Bass. It's still a mild OD pedal and with the drive down low works as a clear signal booster with lots of variance using Level control. With the Pre-bass low you get a tone that works for Texas style rock and Country. It gets warmer and smoother as the Pre-Bass is turned up. The chicken head knobs are cool. The battery cover has two phillips head screws which is stupid, but no big deal since I don't use batteries.

Anyways if you're looking for a mild OD pedal that that's not too expensive give this one a look. This is my first Rocktron pedal and I'm impressed.
Wow, interesting...I've never had any good experiences with Rocktron...I'll have to see if I can find one.
Thanks for the review. Ive been waiting for something about this pedal, as Im looking for a Drive pedal. How about doing a full review?
got a link or pic? (too lazy to search)
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Maybe on the review if time allows, but I usually only post while at work

Here's a link to a new one:

There are 2 sound clips, but they might be boosting something for those recordings. Mine doesn't seem to have quite that much overdrive/gain even with the drive turned all the way up. Or maybe the pickups used for those recordings are real hot or something. Those recordings also sound like the Pre-Bass is turned all the way down.