So for the last few months I've been looking at some new rig options...
And it's come down to this...

1: Going Tube.

-Amp: Blackheart 5W Little Giant Combo.
-Effects: EHX Metal Muff With Top Boost. ISP Decimator.

2: Going Digital (This is where I have problems).

-Preamp: I don't know if I should keep my Behringer V-Amp 2 or go with something like Line 6 Pod, most people say that they are almost the same thing. But, I don't know, I want some other opinions...
-Power Amp: I really don't know a thing about power amps help me out here.
-Cabinet: Maybe an Avatar 2 x 12? What cabs can handle cabinet modeling well?

So my main questions are...

Should I go tube or digital? I really want something reliable and I hear that getting a preamp and a power amp and a cab is really reliable.

If I were to go digital, should I sell my V-Amp 2 and go with a Pod?

What power amp should I get? I just want it to be loud enough to jam with a drummer and maybe a bassist from time to time.

What cabinets go good with digital cabinet modeling?

My budget is about...
$700 - $800.
Don't tell me to get any other tube combos.
I've decided that one of these is what I want.
I just want my questions answered.
I mainly play Death and Decapitated, Death Metal type stuff.
I'm sorry, but those are horrible choices especially for your budget.
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Well, for Death Metal, your Digital setup should be good, but with a good multi-fx processor and a Crate Powerblock (eBay for sure). The Powerblock is 100w, and is a head with an EQ, but is probably the best head for modelling. But honestly, with $7-800, you could get a good Randall or Bogner combo or Stack, w/e you prefer, which will sound better than the digital setup you have.
Get the Boss GT-10, if you want to go digital. In my opinion, Boss sounds way better and more real than Line 6-stuff.
the blackheart won't get you over a drummer, but if you get a krank rev jr then you don't have to get the pedals for your tube setup and you have 100 bucks left over
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I'm sorry, but those are horrible choices especially for your budget.

+1, none of those choices are very good honestly.
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+1, none of those choices are very good honestly.

Okay then.
I give in.
Any other suggestions?

The Krank Rev. Jr actually seemed like a good idea.