Wow! That was really good man.

At first I was thinkin it was gonna be Jack Johnson ish. But really the only similarity was the percussive strumming. I was a bit surprised when you dropped the f bomb though.

You have a great voice. A good voice for ballady type acoustic stuff I think.

Anyway, it was awesome.
It's Only Rock and Roll, But I like It
Thanks alot man! I have a real quirky personality, and i swear probably too much. It seeps into my songs, but thats what makes me different I suppose.
I thought this was really well done. It definitely has that island rock feel to it. unlike slidething31 it does remind me quite a bit of some jack johnson stuff, in a good way though. I've listened to alot of the stuff you have up on youtube and you've got some talent. Crit my original Highest Mountains or my cover of violet hill if you'd like. They are both in my profile.
nothing to see here

This is unexpected and awesome. Soulful and honest voice, slick and tasty chords... man, this is good. Loving the changes. I'm envious.

I have a live-off-the-floor acoustic Harvey Danger cover over in the covers section if you wanna hear - it's in my profile too. I'll post some new stuff in the Originals section one of these days.