ok, so i have a palmer floyd rose and a squier strat. ive had the palmer for about 3 or 4 years and it hasnt been played for maybe 6 months and the strings have only been changed like 2 or 3 times. my squier is about 5 months old, i play it every day, this is my main guitar, and the strings have been changed maybe once or twice. Now, my low E string broke just today, so i picked up the palmer to continue playing. ive always thought my squier sounded A LOT better than the palmer. i was practicing/ playing through the solo to a song me and my band had just written when the string broke, and when i picked up the palmer, the solo sounded a lot smoother and stuff, the solo just sounded better overall, but when i played through the whole song, the squier sounded better with the riff playing and stuff. now idk if this is cuz the action was higher on the palmer than the squier, or cuz the strings arent as worn out on the palmer as they are on the squier, idk. so just tell your opinion on which guitar you think should suit my style, which is like bluesy hard rock, like aerosmith, guns n roses, etc. or if getting new strings or raising the action or something will help my strat sound better.

the palmer also has humbuckers, and the squier has single-coil pickups, if this will help.
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well Humbuckers can sound alot smoother than single coils. especially neck humbuckers, they tend to smooth the gain out, and give a nive lead tone. the thing with single coils is that they can be very trebley and so the cut through, hence why in you case you prefer the tone for riffs....possibly, dont take my word for it.