I just went to Pasadena Guitars in Pasadena (duh, btw, if your near Pasadena, i definitely recommend this shop, the people who work it are awesome), and I found a steeltop trussart, and hooked it up. Now, their price tags make these guitars well out of almost any guitarist's price range, but these things are amazing. the one i played had some nice TV Jones pups in it, and I played it through a matchless amp (also about $3500). That thing could sing. I was just wondering if anyone else had ever messed around with or owns one of these things and had he same experience.

did i mention it was beautiful too?
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I just bought a Trussart Steelcaster off The Gear Page. Let me tell you, it is the coolest, best built, best sounding guitar I have ever owned. There is not one thing about it that I would change or that I can say is extraordinary. James Trussart builds a killer guitar - no question!!!!