So here is the deal. I have a Fender Nashville Power Telecaster with the Fishman Powerbridge, bought it couple years ago and it played valiantly until recently when the active pickup and it's preamp starting giving me issues until final dying on me.

Always keeping a fresh battery in there was a hassle, and rather then replace the preamp I would rather just swap out the pickup. I also don't mind swaping out more then one of the other pickups while I'm doing this, even if I have to get a new pickguard cut for those.

What would be a good choice for this? I was thinking about perhaps going down to two pickups, perhaps using a humbucker or P90 at the neck and replacing the active telecaster with a different model at the bridge. Would this significantly change the tone? I'm going for a bluesy classic rock sound, don't really play with distortion on this guitar.

I don't have much experiences, so any advice would be appreciated. I'd spend up to about three hundred dollars on pickups, because I really love this guitar.

Here is a picture, you can see the preamp on the end of the far pot.

Thanks guys! I really would love any help.
Thanks for link!

Currently was thinking about a Seymour Duncan Five-Two tele pickup (STL521) at lead and using a Seymour Duncan Alnco II Pro Humbucker (APH1N) at the neck.

Also figured I would replace the tuning machines, since the ones on there have the open top which is really annoying. I'm pretty sure this tele uses "vintage" style holes but I'm not positive.