I've made a few threads before, but I'll keep make one in the Promote Your Band area, so that whenever we have something new, I'll post it here. (That's not against the rules, is it? Please tell me if it's against the rules, I'll delete it.)

We are Sold Over Seas, and we're from Rhode Island.

We have a myspace. www.myspace.com/soldoverseas

There's also a link in my sig. Its the big obnoxious Sold Over Seas. Click there.

We also have some videos on Facebook, and YouTube. I'll paste the links to the facebook videos at some later time.

Give us constructive criticism please!

I'll crit4crit also.
First of all, the promote your band section is designed so that you create a thread for your band and you post any major updates in your thread (such as new songs up, an EP being released, new shows dates, etc.) so as far as I understand, what you're doing is definitely not against any rules.

Anyways, onto the music. I like the intro to "June" but the vocalist sounds a little bit whiney (which I personally don't like, but others might). Actually, the music throughout the entire song is pretty good and the vocal melody is alright too, but the tone of the singers voice takes away from it a lot (at least for me). Get him to practice some voice strengthening exercises and I think that everything would sound a lot better. I like the vocal harmonies, but there are slight issues with tuning in that part.

I like the intro to "Solve Them" but when the drums come in it totally changes. It sounds good, but the change feels like it doesn't belong there. Once again, I like the vocal harmonies but there are some tuning issues. The vocalist sounds a lot less whiney here, and it sounds a lot better. I like the drumming - it fits very well.

"Beautiful Chaos" has a nice overall sound. The the upstrokes on the guitar sound really good and kind of off at the same time. Maybe I'm just not used to it yet. Also, is that a tambourine in the mix? I LOVE TAMBOURINES! *cough* Yes...anyways...your vocalist sounds decent in this track too.

Overall you guys have some pretty catchy tunes. In terms of improving I recommend practicing your harmony parts - it might be boring, but once you have them nicely in tune it will have been worth it. I recommend both people practicing exercises that strengthen the voice so that the slight touch of "whineyness" is removed. Other than that, pretty good.

If you have a chance take a lot at my acoustic stuff and let me know what you think http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914968