I purchased a squier strat 4 days ago and don't really like it so I'm returning it for either a ESP H-51 or ESP M-50. I am brand new to guitar but really like the sounds of the ESP guitars. The H-51 is $220 and the M-50 is $180, though the price is negligible if the differences between them is significant. Which one is the better buy?
Well of course you didn't like the guitar, it's a Squire! You've got to at least go Fender when it comes to strats.

Between those guitars, it's a matter of asking yourself if you want a vibrato bridge or not. Other than that...whichever one feels more comfortable in your hands.
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most guitars in this price range are going to sound very similar, at least to a beginner's ears. choose one that feels comfortable to you, especially on the neck for your fretting hand. also make sure you choose a guitar that looks really cool to you, whether it be the finish and/or the shape.. if you want to play it all the time it will keep you motivated to practice.

what kind of amp did you get? you should get a good versatile amp with a lot of different tones, like a roland cube or something similar. that way you can get a variety of tones and you are less likely to get bored.
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I think your screwed ! You should quit guitar and take up the skin flute!
Thanks for all the suggestions so far! The squire came with a gdec but since I'm returning the guitar the amp goes back with it. I used my friends Line 6 Spider III (15 watt) today and really liked it so I'm going to buy that one. Also I noticed the M-50 has a reverse headstock, does that matter at all...are the strings reversed?
Plan on ordering either guitar Saturday night so any more opinions would greatly be appreciated