I just push my palm against the strings.

Edit: after you hit the chord. Then push against the strings.
Fret hand muting. Place the fret hand (all four fingers) across the strings and pick up and down. Hear the "wacka-wacka" noise? Thats what he's doing, just in smaller intervals.
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You need to mute the strings, remove the pressure.
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i do what they said above. I use my picking hand to mute the strings. If its an open chord it doesnt work the same, for me anyways. i use my fretting hand and my picking hand to mute open notes. I dont know if everyone else does it, but thats what i do.
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i am using my picking hand to mute, as strange as it sounds, i think some strings on my epi lp100 are closer to the fret than the other strings (my guitar is used, im a noob, no idea what the last user did to it) could this be why?

i am using my picking hand, also... why did someone say remove the pressure, you need pressure to mute.
Look into adjusting your action or get it to the shop if you think somethings wrong.

The muting in the clip is done by your fretting hand, in this case it is mainly his index finger barring all 6 strings.... Remove the pressure means enough pressure to rest on the string but not enough to fret a note, kinda like a natural harmonic.