Ok, I just got fired.

What happend was that there was this waitress there, she's young and cute. I fell for her immediately (it's her first day).
Anyway, she kept on messing up orders real bad, and couldn't keep up. Now, it's her first day, and she has never worked at a place like this (restaraunt/food, she worked at a store) so she needed some practice. She kept on ****ing up the orders, and the boss (he is an ass) stood her up and was going to fire her. I felt terrible for her, because he was pissed and he screamed fo her. The look on her face was a look of horror, shock. He was just about to fire her, when I came in and took the blame. I couldn't just let that happen... so I said I did it.

But, I got fired. I saved her the job, and she was very happy. So, I asked her out. She was overjoyed to say yes. So I dump my old girlfriend (yes, the one in the car accident. She has gotten better, and turned into a "obey every single rule" freak. She says I shouldn't drink, or have sex. So I was gunna dump her anyway).

I'm happy that she kept her job, and I got a date.

Did I do the... right thing? Should I have let her get fired and just ask her out afterwords?
I have no idea about this old girlfriend shiz, but that was a brave and honourable thing you did there sah. Now whether or not it was a sensible decision remains to be seen. Still I wish you and your new lady all the best.

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hmmmmm, it was very noble of you to take the blame. personally i doubt i wouldnt have done. i would have stood up for her, but not taken the blame.

as for the date part, im not so sure of that. you just lept at the chance when you had it.
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That's sweet of you

I do hope you find a new job. I'm sure if whoever might consider employing you knows WHY you were fired they'll see the nice thing you did.
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hmmm. tough call

did she say yes because she liked you? or did she say yes because you got fired for her?
You are going to get some serious pussy.
Your boss was probably an asshole anyway if he would fire an employee on her first day. People need time to learn how to do stuff. And to fire you, as probably a long time employee for messing up on one day, what an asshole.
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I enjoy cheesecake?

To be honest, I just made it up....or did I?

but, really..TS, as long as you can get a new job, it's all good.
your boss does seem like a dick. a lot worse than my boss (actually i would classify my boss as a docuhebag, there is a difference) but yea i guess you did the right thing in a way, allthough i dont know, i mean wouldnt it be easier for her to find a job than for you to. But yea i wonder what i would have done, probably something similar.
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When she'll get fired, I'll laugh at you.

But if you get laid, it will be worth it.
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I think what you did was better, if she got fired and then you asked her out it would suck for her. Now she's grateful to you, it's a bit better if you want to start something more serious.

And if it was just a fast food outlet I'm sure you cold just find another place t work.
Nice, dude.

Not only did you do something nice, but you're gonna get sex out of it!

You're like, the perfect man.
And for the record, I got bit in the ass by a dog today at work.
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And for the record, I got bit in the ass by a dog today at work.

Ask it out. It's probably just playing hard-to-get.
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Ask it out. It's probably just playing hard-to-get.