Honestly, I wasn't sure where to put this.
It's poetry with musical accompaniment, I guess.
I would listen to it, personally.

An old woman in a blue hat sucks the flesh from a chicken
Christmas music in hte background
Begoggled children clamber up their hands for prayer
Clipping the piano in their fits
Opening their presents
Searching with their horribble fingers
Reading new comic books
A grubby palm sweeps past the camera
A woman in short pants stares at the wall
The father a beer in his hand
Walking toward his wife with his other hand out
Two children in the dark
Observed by a face only filled with glass

A country faire
Beglittered in rosy tiles
That blast the sun into the camera lens
And force old jazz through the tortured speakers
Slime dripping from the sycamore trees
The camera pans onto a young child's face
From the top of the carousel
Washed out red and yellow and triangular bodies
A boat passes by
Returning to the tiles
And a remembrance of a curving building
The camera lingers on the happy people
Lined up contentedly
A young boy scratching his head
And a toddler scratching his stomach.
A single black boy in the audience,
Lost in a sea of white
And men in official looking sunglasses
The octopus ride swirls crazily
Jetting those patrons into space
Making them dizzy with dreaming
And they come down
So the man can let them out
And they can go on the next ride.
this is great because you're already better than nearly everyone here.

i'll tear into this if need be. but for now i will conceal my thoughts, like (a) chameleon. i want to see how it's received first.