hey, im not sure if i should go with an epiphone masterbilt or a taylor 114ce or a martin dxme. i need an acoustic-electric in the $500-$600 range-ish. im getting a lot of mixed opinions on the low end models for taylor/martin guitars. if you guys could help me out, id appreciate it.
hmm i don't know i was playing taylor guitars the other day and they were pretty good but theyre really expensive
The masterbilt would be a far better choice than any 100 series Taylor or X series Martin.
I prefer the masterbilt series to low end martins, can't speak for the taylors - but the general consensus is that they are roughly the same as martin's low end guitars. Try them all out if you can though, our opinions won't count when you're the one playing.
Masterbilt > low end taylor or martin anyday of the week.
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thanks guys, the only reason i ask is because i cant even find a guitar shop in my town that has acoustics for over $300 to try out. the nearest thing is a guitar center 45 min away and ive been busy as hell lately.