I have played guitar for 4-5 years but i have always been busy with sports and school that i never really got seriously involved in a band. I am trying to get in one now and i might get into one as rythym guitar mainly playin some power chords and things. Is it going to be hard to get back to where i can play well in a band if i havent played in a few years?
if you,ve never been in a band before then yes, if you have been in a band then it may take a pratice or two but then you should be set after that
yea its been a really long time i just dont want to get in the band and then like be a setback
Shouldn't be too hard. The difference between playing with a serious band and a band that was never really too dedicated usually revolves around original songs, so the hardest thing could just be learning your new bands songs (I'm assuming you're talking about joining an already-established band). They might also appreciate you composing a song or two, but then again, they might not.