Im starting to learn Classical Thump by Victor Wooten and I need some help on the double thumb tecnique he uses. When I play it am I suppose to slap the string or just pluck it with my thumb? Also, dont bother posting links to videos cause lm using my psp
ive seen the video a few times...my friend and i both think he slaps the e-string and then up-plucks with his thumb. its a very unique method.
He uses more of a downward motion and pushes through the string with his thumb then pulls it back up catching the string with the side of his thumb. I found this on youtube ...should help


Start out slowly and use a metronome and you should get it
It looks like he hits the string down, then plucks it up with his thumb.
That what I do for like the intro, I cant be bothered learning the rest...
Yeah, its too hard.