everytime i use my trem, it squeaks, the guitar holds a tune fine, but the whammys super noisy
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Try WD-40 or some other lubricant....not KY jelly tho
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This is what i learned from this site..

Open the plate on the back of the guitar..and take a spring down to your
local hardware shop.

Take the spring to the tubing section...and find the size tubing that fits in
it perfectly.

Buy enough tubing to cut one section for each spring.

Shove the tubing in each spring..it should go from one end to the other.

For strats u need about 9 inches (aprox 3 inches per spring)
..and it costs about 85 cents..

The guys here taught me that...i payed 85 cent..and put 5 mins of labor
into it..and the guy at GC was gonna charge me $50+ and keep it all day.
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