ok so i just got a new schexter hellraiser and i love it but i used to have a guitar with p90s so the settings on my b52 at212 dont match with my current guitar if that makes sense basically since the p90s were not a high output pickup i had everything boosted so now i want to know what setting i should use on my amp to get a high gain nu-metal sound. Also when i turn my tube amp up it starts to get a little muddy...could this be a sign of needing new tubes? and if so what tubes should i go with. Another ? i have is if new speakers in my amp would help me achieve the overall sound that i am trying to get any and all help would be amazing thanks!
turn the gain down a bit?

EDIT: just set all knobs at 12 o clock (neutral) then adjust to taste...
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bass: 8
Treble: 6

channel vollume: 10

master voleum:1.5

Low-Res: 5


Turn the bass and gain down and put the mids and contour up more.
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ok and new tubes and speakers? and would possibly and overdrive pedal give me the sound im looking for?
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Turn the bass and gain down and put the mids and contour up more.

I dunno, I'd keep the treble where it's at, lower the bass to 8 or 7, but bring the mids to halfway.

Boosting mids doesn't work for every application or genre.

Also, TS, high output pickups don't always mean more gain. In fact, getting ultra high output pickups can thin out your tone. As for your tube amp getting muddy when you turn it up, how close are you? What you hear at 2-5 ft is different from what you hear at 10-15+ ft away.
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