I will be getting a custom guitar soon, and I was wondering whether Koa was a good wood for a shred sound (but also versatile enough for other styles). Additionally, what pickups would be good for shredding, but versatile enough for other styles? (It's an HSH guitar)
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not sure about the wood but emg 81 sa 85 setup would be great. i have the 81 85 on one of my guitars, and an sa set on my strat and that sounds good for shread or blues or rock or jazz or pretty much anything
well, i just did a Search here on Koa - and got a bunch of threads to look thru.

there were threads in EG, GGnA and GBnC forums.

i found this one that looked pretty recent.


and I bet if you Search on 'Pick ups for Shredding' you would find some cool stuff there too.