I wrote the guitars and drums and sent this song to my friend in Arizona where he wrote bass and is currently working on vocals. It's not exactly possible to put vocals on gp so we're pretty much done until we can meet again. Maybe someday we can record it.

But for now, this is it. Please let me know what you guys think of it.
Orange Martian.zip
Intro- Real neat, everything seems to seem together real nicely.

Intro II- to much symbol crashing, even though it probably would sound better on real drums really like the transition into the octaves on 16 the little drum beat sounds pretty cool

Verse- Sounds cool, really happy beat of rock there, really caught my attention, not much wrong with this sections, execpt, even though i am a bassist, im gonna have to say the parts with the 32nd notes should just remain guitar, the bass should have its own cool beat instead, and i know you didn't work on the part so im not gonna mark you down too much for it.

Pre-chorus- i don't know the whole short transition to clean kinda ruins it for me, i took out the clean, and it sounds a lot better i think. keeps the whole mode the same.

Chorus- I really liked the lead part, but i honestly think it should have stayed a lead part, get each part a little more diversity, track 2 should keep doin what it was doin with the chords, execpt maybe throw in a couple palm mutes or something. and basses (again, i know this isn't ur fault) don't always have to do what the rythym guitarist does.

Verse II/Pre-Chorus II/Chorus II- Same comments as the first part.

Bridge- I really liked the bridge and how it still worked with the rest of the song, (sometimes its hard for me to make songs that have good bridges) my only problem with this section is that; The drums dont really fit, they're just to metally which doesn't really work with the other parts, and your bass is still copying the rythym guitar.

Bridge II- Sounds really cool, i really don't see anything wrong with it

Solo- The solo itself is awesome, but what everyone else is playing is really boring

Solo II- Another really awesome solo, with tapping, yay bonus! and the background part isn't as boring,

Interlude-Nice use of the intro, only clean-a-fied, (which is now a word, jk )

Chorus III-Same comments as first part.

Outro- Same comment as bridge, except, nice ending.

Overall, it was a pretty decent song, there are a lot of really cool ideas in there that i don't think are being used quite right but thats ok cuz, who knows, you may have better taste than me 7.5/10

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Sounds like a more meta version of a pop-punk song. I don't know if thats what you were going for, but I liked it. All the riffs were golden. The mini-solo in prechorus 2 I loved. The chord progressions, the flow between sections, the solos - all were fantastic. The one thing I'm not too keen on was the drumming during the bridge. It was too intense for the section, but then again, I'm also not a fan of that type of drumming. This problem crops up during the solo. The interlude after the solo worked brilliantly. Overall, I'd say 9/10 - close to perfect save for my personal preference regarding the drumming.

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I really like this song, but as mentioned before, tone down the drums a little in the bridge. I'd reccommend just changing the crash cymbal to a ride (51) in that section. I'm a drummer, myself, and I believe that would fit it much better while still maintaining the same rhythmic pattern. But dang, I love the tag-team solos. To me it reminded me of Bullet For My Valentine (actually, the whole song kinda did). Something like Tears Don't Fall in a sense. Very good song. 9/10. Thanks for the crit btw.
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Wow dude, very very nice. I loved the drums actually i think they are perfect the way they are. Thats some very catchy riffage too, and good job staying away from chugging power chords. The only thing I though could use improvment was the solo, particularly the first one. I mean, it was good but it seemed sort of tagged on there and a bit generic. Other than that though, I enjoyed it tremendously. 9/10

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