I was reading the specs for this guitar and saw that it had a coil tap and reverse phase, and one 5 position varitone tone filter. would any for these things in any way
make it hard for beginner to play this guitar? or to get the desired sound out of the guitar without lots of prior exsperience using the guitar.
I don't think it would be hard for them. You don't have to use all the extra stuff
No, it won't be difficult at all on the Mockingbird ST because, for whatever reason, these features have very little to no purpose on the guitar (unlike the USA Mockingbird SL, which it intends to mimic--very poorly I might add). After testing several at local guitar shops, I found that the active/partial active electronics on this guitar are basically just there for "looks" and to convince uninformed buyers that this guitar is a reproduction of the Mockingbird SL.

Do a search on "Mockingbird ST" and read some of the other threads concerning this model. I've posted in several of them, and they sum up pretty well my opinion of this guitar.

Bottom Line: The ONLY thing this guitar does well is look good (and this has, no doubt, fooled many an inexperienced guitarist into purchasing it). Stay away if you don't want a lot of frustration and a sub-par guitar.
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