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So.. an intriguing question hit me.. what are the few epic things you want to do now or before you pass on? I'll get the ball rolling with my thing to do .

My dream is to play November Rain while its raining at 12 midnight wearing a darthvader suit :O.
marry a nice jewish girl.
"There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. Some kind of high powered mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die."-Duke
go to Hawaii, and Japan.
play to a stadium full of people.
win the lottery jackpot.
various others
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Uh just had to go and piss off danielrobbyshor, now we're all ****ed.

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How can an orgy be 'Nazi-style'? What did he stop halfway through and incinerate a jew?
play guitar while flying naked
Ibanez S520EX, Fender Stratocaster American 50th anniversary, GNX3, Crate 30 watt
Lose my virginity.
Record at leats one cd.
Perform at a huge concert.
Raise a wonderful kid, or two wonderful kids.
Gear Wish list:

Gibson Custom Les Paul Left handed

ISP Decimator

Maxon OD808

Peavey 6505 Halfstack

Gear Fund: 0/6000
In the past year, I've actually accomplished most of the stuff that used to be of my "things to do before I die" list. The only thing I really want to do before I die is...something. I just want to accomplish something. Write a book, record an album, put down some little piece of history. I don't want to accomplish something for recognition or anything, just as my attempt to improve our society. My goal is to in some way, make someone's life better before I die.
Achieve immortality.
"Music is all about wanting to be better at it."

~Geddy Lee

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Hahaha. Probably the best post i've seen from an 08'er.

He was talking about me.
Get married, have kids, get arrested for disorderly conduct, play a show in front of 20,000 people, see Iron Maiden, and move to London.
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Build A House!
Paint A Self Portrait!
Total Failure

If every dream is a wish, then to dream of zombies is to wish for an appetite without responsibility
A "bucket list" if you will?

Play some mad gig, which was televised on every station, with every tv on...
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Well, If I woke up a girl, I would immediantly proceed to achieving an orgaism.

because they are superior to ours.

Go to my families home town in Italy.
My obligatory gear list

Schecter C-1 Classic
Gibson SG Special
1987 Fender Strat
Epiphone PR-150

Amp and Effects
Peavey Valveking 112
Boss DD-6
Crybaby Wah-wah
Ibanez TS-9DX
Banshee 2 Talkbox

Crit plz! Wh ore of Gommorah
find a way to escape death. then ignore it completely, and die anyways.

*i'm too awesome for a sig
meet Froosh
be in a rock band that is regard as the greatest of its time
be #1 on Rolling Stones Top Guitarists
own SRV's original "Lenny"
My Gear:
Fender Custom Shop Time Machine 1956 relic
plus accessories
Your position and your relationship with music has to be one from the inside. - John Frusciante
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Lose my virginity.
Record at leats one cd.
Perform at a huge concert.
Raise a wonderful kid, or two wonderful kids.

Ruin this guy's dreams.
Due what you want as long as you vote Due!
Bang Rihanna so good her fingernails leave scars on my back (serious braggin rights)
Play F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X Live
Start a company that flips houses
Ghostwrite A Rap Song
Take a dump in the middle of a skiing trail
Why I Love Spanish Women

I'm hoping by "crack" you mean cleavage unless you have some kind of bizarre ass-chest.

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Dude, relax. Don't be so rape about things.

Visit Prypiat, Ukraine.
Backpack around Europe.
Visit Australia/US.
Bungee jump!
Perform with my band to a large audience.
Own a Ferrari.. and a Lamborghini.
Go to an Opeth/Tool/Metallica concert.

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Ejaculate from a tall building onto unsuspecting passersby.

And ejaculate from a higher floor onto him. ^
What every man wants to do, leave behind a legacy.

Own some land, a big house, have tons of beautiful offspring, a gorgeous/intelligent wife, write a book or two, and raise my children to think for themselves and love reading and music.

I'd like to give them the things and security I didn't have, and let them make their own choices, without having to be like these new age pussy soccer moms/dads.

Most of all I want to transcend my mediocre/uneducated family and secure our much deserved place in the upper tier! To create an easy life for all my loved ones.

Most likely this will fail and my plans won't come to fruition so option number two is to kill myself.
Punch a shark in the face.

I'm going deep sea fishing a week from now, so I may get my chance.

The only thing more manly to do than that would be to box with, and beat, a bear, old school fisticuffs style.


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Be covered in maybe at least 50% tattoos
Have children
Get married
Have a successful career

etc etc

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Punch a shark in the face.

I'm going deep sea fishing a week from now, so I may get my chance.

The only thing more manly to do than that would be to box with, and beat, a bear, old school fisticuffs style.

Now now, what did the shark do to you
I'll be rooting for the shark

...ahm sorreh, I just love sharks D:
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
hear a song by my band on the radio

in that order
Emerse your soul in love

You used to be alright What happened?

Yellow tigers crouched in jungles in her Dark Eyes .
Own a Gibson Les Paul Custom
Own a Marshall JCM 800
Own a Ford Mondeo
Star in a Porno
Have secks on a beach
rob a bank successfully. that's it. as soon as i do that, i'm set, i really don't care what happpens afterwords.
Marry an afro-british girl
Meet Muse
Need fashion advice?

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I wish I had a dick like a black guy instead of my little white dick.

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i love you more than words can express jean.

I saw Rick Astley in Quebec City, on April 10th 2009. Best day of my life!
has anyone said your mom yet?
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Congradulations, you are a genious even if you are intoxicated.

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lucky bastard and your knowlegde of chemical engineering...

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you guys are geniuses.

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^That is genius!

:stickpoke why dose yellow hate blue? WHY!
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