This is probably a long shot, but does anyone know where i can buy reels of tape for a Studer A 820 MCH? Yes I've tried google.

EDIT: this thing has 2" 24 track heads.
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If you're getting into that sort of thing, you're probably over the heads of 95% of the people here. If I can recommend www.recordingproject.com , they have a forum there, and there are people on there with so much knowledge it will make your head spin. There are people there who are (or at least have been) true industry pros - working with the likes of Jefferson Airplane, Megadeath, Sheryl Crow, etc. Some of those guys are pretty serious into 2" analog recording, Studer stuff, etc.

I used to hang out there a lot. It's getting kinda boring around there because there isn't a lot of new blood, so it is the same people all the time, no new issues come up. So, in the meantime, you have a bunch of people who all basically know each other from on-line relationships wind up chatting and talking nonsense just for kicks. We'd love some new blood over there just to make it interesting again.

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