I tried wiring my EMGs in and I'm getting no sound. I followed the schematics exactly. But when the cable is half way out of the jack, I get response from the pickups. Anybody have any clue as to what could be causing the problem. Thanks
you might have the quick connect clipped upside down
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you might have the quick connect clipped upside down


looks like NOONE looks at the emg FAQs. WTF!?
Sounds like you have the jack hooked up wrong. The output signal goes to the tip lug. Sounds like its connected to 1 of the sleeve lugs. If the connect to the pickup was backwards wouldnt get any sound.
I'm having that problem now, I just bought a new body and i transferred all my electronics to it, only disconnecting the quick connect cables, i wired it up exactly as i had it before, and now it won't work. And Yes, I checked the EMG FAQ, and it does the same thing even after turning the connectors upside-down.
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