So, I was looking through different guitar sites, looking for a tube amp to buy when I decided on a peavey valve king 112. Then while on axemusic.com I found a crate v50, and realized it was only 250 brand new, so then I figured its like 200 bucks cheaper, so I decided I'm gonna get that. Then I was on guitar center looking for reviews of it and realized that on guitarcenter.com, the same amp is 400 dollars brand new, what the hell is up with that? Also anyone have the crate v50 ? Is it worth 250?


hmm, thats weird.
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At GC, the old gibson lps are still going for 2600, while musician's friend has old ones for 1999 and 2008 models for 2600. It's not just that... guitarcenter overcharges for most anything.

edit- ditto for Gibson
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