My reverb seems weak. It works, but seems weak. Is it possible that something is loose partly that would still allow reverb to work, just with lesser capability?

This is my first tube amp, so I don't know what I can touch w/o electricuting/burning myself. What can I reach in and touch on the inside?

I have the standard combo version.....b? I have a reverb footswitch jack so that makes it b right?
is it tube driven reverb? if so, the tube could be going bad.
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Yes, the tube may be going bad as it's tube-driven.

Or the person may have used the wrong tube and damaged it, it should have a 12AT7 in there and not a 12AX7.
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could be a tube, honestly though, the reverb is the weakest link with the Mark IV. I know a lot of guys that just removed it completely.
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