String skip tapping.
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He plays guitar with his hands.
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Technique. Make sure your movements are as minimalistic as possible. For more info on technique, head over to the Advanced Techniques section of Musician Talk and look for some lessons by Freepower. They should get you on the right track. Also make sure you learn the Phrygian Dominant scale, Romeo's favourite scale. Also practice using lots of strings 'n stuff in your compositions, as well as modulating keys a lot.
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His trademark "sweep tapping" is the obvious answer. He also likes note groupings and phrasings other than the usual three or four in a row. That doesn't limit itself to tuplets, either, but something like five or seven scale notes in a row before he changes direction/starts elsewhere. Michael explains it better in "The Guitar Chapter ."

Also, Michael uses a HUGE variety of scales, including many that aren't really staples in Western music. The harmonic minor, Egyptian, whole tone, and Phrygian dominant scales are a few of his favorites.