OK, first off i have read the FAQ forum and i am still having trouble recording. i am currently trying to record some guitar and vocal tracks.

this is what i have:

--Sound card=sound blaster X-fi xtreme audio notebookhttp://us.creative.com/products/product.asp?category=209&subcategory=669&product=16642

--Mixer=Behringer Xenyx802 http://behringer.com/802/index.cfm?lang=ENG

--Software=Music creator 4 http://www.cakewalk.com/Products/MusicCreator/

--Cables= normal guitar cables, Hosa Stereo Y-Cable Mini Male - 2 1/4" Mono Males, moster Mic cable s-100 i think and Hosa Stereo Y-cable Mini Male-Two RCA Males

i thank who ever takes the time to help me out. its probably simple to set up i'm just very confused
So what's your problem? Do you need to know how to connect it all together or what?
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yea i guess so all my combination have failed so far i have no idea what i'm doing really
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yes i do have a Mic and a guitar and a computer lol

just checking lol

connect the mixer output into the line in on your soundcard, and go through the windows sound options to ensure that the line in is selected instead of default microphone. should be about it.
Quote by surge11
yea i guess so all my combination have failed so far i have no idea what i'm doing really

Go back to the FAQ and read it from start to end. That will tell you how the sound gets from your guitar to your computer.
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do i connect to the main out or the CTRL ROOM OUT? and are we talking about Mic, guitar or both.
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i tried both OUTs with my guitar and they sound like crap lol
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read the manuals.

and if your guitar sounds like crap... is it because of a bad connection? weak signal? or does it just simply sound bad?
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Sorry man, I probably missed something but could you explain in a little more detail what's actually wrong? Are you getting a signal in the computer? if not are you getting a signal into the mixer?
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well i believe i am getting a signal to my computer with my guitar. the sound i am getting is very crappy. the sound is like cracked and muddy i know it isn't my guitar that is producing this wretched sound.
You're using a sound blaster music card which has "music" in the title however it was more made for games and such, not recording.

It would be great if you can get your hands on an audio interface of some kind. I know Sonar Producer (what I run in my studio) doesn't like stock sound cards however I dont know if MC4 is the same way...

mixers generally are not used in the recording field if you are working in the digital format. Interfaces have more than enough inputs if you get the right type and you mix with your software (adjusting with your mouse or a control surface).

Anyways you want to run the tape output (RCA jacks) to your line in (blue port) on the sound card. You can use an RCA to 1/8" TRS cable for this. However most of the time you will get a weak and cruddy sound in the end...
thanks for the help moody. i think im going to just buy a converter cable the one that converts 1/4 to an 1/8 inch


do you have a suggestion on what i can buy to get good quality sound? because the sound i am getting right now is really REALLY bad
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It's basically as moody says, you'll usually struggle to get a good sound through a soundcard such as yours. How much budget do you have to work with ?
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i really don't have a budget just yet. I'm willing to save up to get the best quality audio interface for intro level or even a little bit more intermediate so i don't have to upgrade later on. I'm 19 and i live at home, my only responsibilities are working and school so its only a matter of time until i can save up the money.

i use a Dell inspiron laptop by the way and an old school alienware computer i dont know much about this stuff. is it easier to upgrade for a desktop rather then laptop i would like to do all my work on my laptop if possible

oh yea and thanks again to everyone who is working with me
IMO laptops are nice to work with IF you have a fast running machine.
The same applies for the desktop however there's no battery to run out and its easier/cheaper to upgrade over the years.

Most larger studios will build custom desktops so that though the years they can swap out the main components to keep it running fast and up to date not having to worry about special parts (like Dell computers use). But if you are only planning to do a small home studio any computer will do really. You just need to be within the hardware requirements so that you run smoothly.

As for interfaces, they are fair in price these days. The PreSonus FP10 sells for $400 new and has 8 inputs with high quality preamps. The back panel offers a lot of outputs.

If you only need to record two sources at a time there's a lot of smaller interfaces which have two preamped inputs.

Get an interface which will fit you both now, and more importantly, in the future. Buying gear too often will cause you to slowly loose money and when you are on a tight budget thats something you should always try to avoid.
thank you for all your help moody it is very much appreciated. i have one quick question if i buy this interface where does it go? inside my computer or... i'm sorry if this is a dumb question i'm trying to grasp all of this still
Most Interfaces are external. They hook to the computer either via USB or Firwire depending on which your interface uses.
There are PCI interfaces such as the M-Audio 2496 however they are used with desktops.

When working with USB you normally only get 2 mono inputs on the interface since USB cant track any more info at one time.

Firewire can work with more data and so their interfaces will have more inputs (FP10 being an example)

Firewire is better overall IMO however for smaller studios, USB will work fine.

Be aware theres USB 1.1 and 2.0. 2.0 is newer and much faster. More info at this page:

If you are running a laptop without a firewire port they make cards for the expansion slot which you can use to add firewire or USB 2.0 ports.
If I were to buy a USB interface today I would go with a 2.0 unit without a second thought.
The presonus fp10 is a rack-mountable unit, so ideally would sit in a rack setup something like this:

That's my little rack setup. The top unit is my interface - a Delta 1010.

The only caution with a setup like that is a lot of your connectors are at the back. (my use of a mixer allows me to fiddle less with stuff around back.... mixers are useful in digital setups, depending on your workflow)

To alleviate this, you could also get a patch-bay.

Behringer sells a really inexpensive one that gets good reviews.

This allows you to hook up all your rear connectors (audio, anyways) of your interface so they can be essentially accessed via a front panel.

Something like this:

This isn't nearly as complicated as it looks. There are a number of patchbays in this picture. Look at that one near the middle. A couple of cables, each going from one side to the other. Simple setup.

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Quote by moody07747
... I know Sonar Producer (what I run in my studio) doesn't like stock sound cards however I dont know if MC4 is the same way...

To confirm MC4 doesn't like stock sound cards either. Especially intergrated solutions or anything AC97.

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