I need help wiring up my new strat project.

I already have my neck and middle pickups wired up. I am having trouble wiring up my bridge pickup. It is a single coil sized humbucker so im guessing i should look for a HSS wiring diagram on the net, but i can't find one with 1 master volume and 2 tone pots without coil tap for the humbucker.

There are 4 wires one is green, one is white, one is red and one is like loose wire but its coated with melted silver metal or something. The white and the red ones are soldered together.

Can someone please help me out and maybe supply me a diagram of how to wire it up.

P.S: It has a 5 way switch 1 volume, 2 tone, 2 single coil pickups (neck and middle) and the single coil sized humbucker which i need help with!
This is a forum, not a chat room, don't bump your posts after 30 minutes.

Anyway, you clearly didn't look to hard.


You don't mention what brand the pickup is, so I don't know if the colour coding is correct.

There are some colour codes here:

No worries - enjoy - I'm about to rewire my strat now, so I can have the bridge on with any other combination.
Use the diagram with the coil tap, but don't wire the coil tap. Instead of connecting the two wires that are soldered together to the coil tap switch, just wrap them in electrical tape or put a twist-on wire cap on them so that they don't touch anything else. All the coil tap does is to connect those two wires to ground.