Each to a Grain has a very cool guitar part. Vocals are way too loud.

I see some of these are more professionally recorded than others. The band as a whole is a heap tighter and the quality better on those (although the mp3 conversion is shocking), although Wildberry is missing something. The intricate ride bits seemed a little loose.

All up you do the quirky indie band sound pretty well.
Solid cover of Take Me Out. Originals feel a little weak, though I liked Restless. Keep at it.
I agree with the comment about the vocals - they're really loud (thought they do sound good). I like the songs though, but I agree that they could be tightened up a bit. The songs are decent, thought they are a bit cookie cutter.

I think that the tunes need a bit more energetic, but it's kinda hard to capture that kind of energy in a recording. Good stuff overall though!