Sorry i know how much you all hate these but anyways!...
I've been playing my ibanez rg2ex1 on my vox ad30 and i love it, but im looking for something with a tremolo system now.
I play a broad range of music but mostly metal, stuff like Children of Bodom, Metallica, Symphony X, etc.

I'm looking for something around $400-500 and will last me quite a while. I tried the rg5ex1 at my local guitar center and i loved it, but after hearing so many horrific stories about those edge 3 trems, im so excited about it anymore.

I really like the ibanez guitars for their thin necks, but im willing to check out any suggestions on other guitars im interested in such as esp (theres a sam ash nearby too so i can check them out there), laguna, jackson, or schecters. As far as shape im more into superstrat style, i use my friends flying v shaped guitar sometimes and it just doesnt feel right no matter how i hold it.
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Wow fast reply, and its a very nice guitar too! I'll have to keep an eye on this one, hopefully they'll have it in the store, im not too trusting with buying a guitar online.
Still open to other suggestions, although im very interested in that one, id like to see some other options.
Id also like to add that i prefer guitars with 24 jumbo frets, i just feel more comfortable with them.
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Well, most trem-equiped RGs in that price range have an Edge III. TBH, once you get it professionally setup, it will hold tune quite good. Most of those Edge III horror stories are just people jumping on the bandwagon. It would last you for around 2 years max with heavy abuse, but after that you can just directly swap it for an OFR with minimal or no routing necessary. Just my 2 cents.
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No!! Stop Now, Plugging More Than One Pedal In At A Time Could Be A Disaster.... Your Guitar Will Explode And Kill Your Band.

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