nice rendition of a classic! You sound very young as well which gives it a different twist
hey not baddd. classic song pretty hard to pull off well. i would say one bit of advice... try breathing more with your abdomen.. like if you take in a deep breath usually your chest moves out but try to make it your stomach and lower back, that'll give you a lot more air to work with, will help with sustaining notes, and overall pitch improvement. I'd also try doing this song where you can really get loud, it'll also help sustain notes and make it sound more powerful. sounds good tho. keep it up. -dan
sorry...just didn't like it at all...
I bearly heard the guitars...hmm there was a bit of timing problem
well your voice got a lot to work on,it was a bit...mechanic...it was cold...and in my opionion does not feet that song...
if you haven't done any warm up for your voice...then try it before singing...well you didn't got out of tune but...it I just didn't felt nothing for it *and it's one of the songs that I almost always feel something when I hear them*
well why just one minute? it might be even harder for you to get into the song in only one minute because it may happen many times that when someone sings he starts bad untill he gets into it
sorry...well my critics are usually harsh,so...don't take it personally...
^I agree with some of what he said. I usually dont crit covers because its hard for me to say great job. But since I saw it was Jeff Buckley's version I had to look.

Decent singing, but you need more guitar (louder). Warm up your voice.

The problem is that Buckley was such an emotional singer, its almost impossible to do one of his songs justice.
But nice job sir
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Thanks guys, I do think this is one of the hardest songs to cover because Buckley was quite possible one of the greatest singers in the past 20 years... i'll work on adding more emotion to it...
The singing was well done but there could of been more emphasis on some of the words to keep the song on a good rate instead of being on one straight line. That being said I hope you do the whole song and keep practicing.
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