I was gonna make me a three pickup guitar with something kinda like this:
one volume and one tone
each pickup is connected to a mini on/off switch to replace the strat 5 way switch
the pickups i'm using are seymour duncan blackouts ahb-1 and livewires
i got something like this:
i have absolutely no idea if this would work or not, but if someone can clarify, that would be swell!! lol
the wiring for the 2 pickup version with 2 volume, 2 tone, and 3 way switch is here:
I can't really understand your diagram at all.

There is a diagram on the seymour duncan site for strat wiring with 3 on/off switches, does this help?


You'll have to adapt it for the wiring for active pickups, but adjust the values of the pots, but between the SD diagram you posted the link to, and the one above, that should cover it all off.
sadly, i know barely anything of guitars, and am using the forums to make a plan