I'm taking part in a music show in my town and I entered a competition.
Each member of the audience nominates an artist that we have to learn a song by then we have three hours to learn the song and play it later in front of everyone. (There are other festivities going on meanwhile, so the audience doesn't get bored

Some smart person nominated Buckethead.
Now I have three hours to learn a Buckethead song.

I'm looking for one that hasn't been done to death, is one of his electric ones and is reasonably easy and impressive.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
yeah, i would love to find who put Buckethead as their nomination...
(and kill them)

EDIT: Thanks
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Binge and Grab, Welcome to Bucketheadland..
I would suggest "Wishing Well"

But that definitely requires two guitars.
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Post office buddy, er... the riff of soothsayer =p, no solo
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Welcome to Bucketheadland
Interworld and the New Innocence (amazing and easy)
Electric Tears

I can't really think of ones that are easy and haven't been done to death, you could try soothsayer as long as you improv that solo. It's how I do it.
Binge and Grab and Welcome to Bucketheadland. Baseball Furies is really fun to play too, but it might be a bit repetitive for the audience