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I just finished watching the film Hard Candy for the first time.
Let me just say that this movie blew my mind, the lead actress and actor did an incredible and very believable job.
I suggest anybody who has never seen it, either buy, rent or download it right away. Hopefully, you'll like it as much as I did.

I know there is an Ellen Page fan group or whatever on UG so I figured maybe some people would be appreciative of this thread
its that the softcore child porn movie?
I supervisor couldn't wait to see that movie, dodgy guy, dodgy guy....
love ellen page but havnt found the movie yet u.u i really hope she wins in the teen choice awards shes the prettiest product imported from canada :P

btw, im member of that group called Ellen Page is the purpose of life If someone was wondering for the name to join ^^
I'd like Ellen Page alot more but her face looks like that of a small child.
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Man, you even got the melody right. +1000000 points.

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^thats a brilliant call. *jots in notebook*
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I watched this with an ex of mine when it came out in the ol' picture house... I nearly cried in sympathy during that scene.

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bringing this thread back cause I just watched this movie..and WOW it was amazing ! I loved the concept..and Ellen Page is a great actress

Kinda scares me though..I think I might be crazy enough to do that to a rapist


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