what would be a good but cheap(under $1100) amp for brutal death metal/grindcore?(dont care about clean channel, just needs insanly heavy distortion)
Well, you're not going to get the best metal distortion for under 1100 US dollars, but you could look into a Peavey Valveking 112 or a Roland Cube.

The Valveking can get pretty heavy distortion, it's an all tube amp.

The Roland Cube is solid state, but is basically the cheapest solid state amp that has good metal tones.

Or a VOX, but their distortion is lacking.
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Peavey 5150
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier


Can't go wrong with the 5150
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6505 i think it is now

really want one of those amps
they are the sex
ok, i knew about the 6505, the 5150(i herd there the same thing tru?) and the Mesa dual rectifier, but are there anythings interesting?? like somethign thats not that common?
They are the same amp.

When Eddie Van Halen left Peavey they had to change the name because Eddie owns the 5150 name. So 5150 is now 6505 and 5150 II is now 6505+.

The new 5150 III is made by Fender for Eddie. If you want rare, then definitely go used, or maybe a boutique amp.