Hi, I saw someone I know last week play a note an lift their finger and it still sounded.... it wasn't a harmonic it was a fretted note. I dont understand, is this possible? If so, how?
Was it an electric guitar plugged in through an amp with reverb on it?
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Was it an electric guitar plugged in through an amp with reverb on it?

This, or maybe they had a delay effect running
delay lol
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Rolled his finger off it..?

Method used when Sweep Picking... As you sweep the note you roll your finger off it at the same time and it still sounds.

Might be wrong, but... Heyy.. Sorry i couldn't be more helpful.
Play the 16th fret on the high E string (1st string), and make sure ur hand isnt muting the low E string. The note played will induce the exact same note on the low E string, so even after uve finished fretting the note, the note still rings (and if u do it right the note will continue completely clear after uve removed your finger). If you mute the low E string it no longer works. Works best if u mute the other 4 strings so its more clear.

This is probably what happened, whether it was the 16th fret or some other fret......unless he was muting all the other strings. Give it a go.

EDIT: doesnt work on clean, use distortion.
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