Hey guys, this is the second recording my band has made. Again, it is metal stylee with not too serious lyrics but i think it is quite cool, anyway, would appreciate it greatly if anyone gives feedback. C4C naturlich.
The link is www.myspace.com/palmmutilation and the song is I've got a degree in pain, feel free to feedback on Graveyard as well. Cheers guys
Wow I don't really listen to much metal anymore but that sounds cool!
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first off kudos on the name, the vocals are rather erratic, a few bad notes in there maybe the singer shoudl try to sing n key rather han in cookie monster voice, bit of practice and he will be albe to do both. i must say teh vocals are much better in teh chorus wher they kinda sound good in that eratic way, the guitar work is great, the drums are good and mixed in pretty well, i don't hear any bass though, at all, turn it up and get ur bassist to thump it extra hard.

the switch up at 3:30 is very good and suggests you guys should really write serious music, the guitar is great, very tasteful rather than aiming for insane shred u have a nice bluesy/metal solo that works well and sounds fantastic. ok now the bass is very prominent come the 6 minute makr. where is it he rest of the song.

pretty good dude

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haha! thats crazy,how did you do the alternating speakers? so metal though that was pretty incredible. And the singing actually sounds like a good metal singer; But you followed the metal ethics (tons of riffs, constantly changing) ha, im listening to it right now and this break down is pretty awesome sounding. solo is great too, are you the one playing the guitar?
Thanks! The other guitarist prodcued the track as he has a degree in music technology (and pain, obviously). I think he just hard panned it left and right alterntively, took him a while but was worth it! Yeah, I am one of two guitar players, I played the solo during the breakdown.
Haha, nice guitar work actually. I like the concept of heavy music with the not so serious lyrics, i actually did that with a friend today. But really, i was impressed with the guitar work, awesome transition two thirds of the way through, the groups got talent. Overall, entertaining.

crit for crit? the song we just put up is called orscheln farm n home-