Hi guys, wondering if you could help me out with this issue.

After installing my emu 0202 usb interface and cubase whenever i load up windows media player it says "windows media player encountered a problem while trying to open this file" and won't play the song. When i load up cubase and close it again, 9/10 this will rectify the problem. But i don't want to keep doing that and sometimes i have to shut my whole comp down instead. for the other 1/10. Bear in mind wmp did not do this before the interface/cubase/asio was installed and that i have checked the box "release asio driver in background".

Anyone know how to fix this?
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sounds like a driver issue
you can try reinstalling either, restore points etc
but MP is so embedded n bossy
doesn't play well with others
jus use winamp or something
n get somethin else for video
you want to be able to watch wizard of oz, fullscreen
and listen to dark side of the moon, simultaneously
occasionally making minor minute adjustments
with the viz on a separate monitor
otherwise it don matter what sub-whatever yer using
the whole experience will come off as plastic n pretentious
n you'll be driven to get a mac
which is when cartoon animals etc
dance on yer head while u sleep etc
nobody wants that
to be without wisdom or reason
is both unwise and unreasonable