who is loving all the new school thrash metal bands around? its great that true metal is making a comeback, so long as they dont have glam revivals.....anyways, i was introduced to thrash by the holy metallica, and my eyes were opened to an entirely new way of melting ones face off...there are so many amazing new bands capturing the brutality of old scholl thrash like exodus, megadeth and slayer (even if kerry kings solos are a bit boring). i wonder what will be net? theres absolutely no hope of there ever being a nu nu metal.... hehe
What bands are bringing back thrash?
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what new trash bands?
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bands like Evile, Municipal Waste, Warbringer, Bonded by Blood, Sanctity etc are examples of bands that I know that are part of the "new school" thrash metal
i reckon evile is definately the BEST new school thrash band, they are absolutely amazing. and **** whoever doesnt like thrash
99% of the new thrash is note for note generic thrash that has already been done back in the 80s, by Dark Angelm Razor, Kreator etc. Its basiccly a nostalgia revival. BTW, Pantera is not thrash.
Thrash, along with power metal sadly, is one genre of metal that is musically stagnate.

But, there is a difference. Thrash metal is stagnate and the vocals are annoying.

Power metal is musically stagnate only, and some bands are actually doing something new.
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Big thrash thread in metal forum
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